Category: Financial Statement

Aging Trial Balance

For a specific customer account the trial balance shows 100000 EUR for the period 0052014 corresponding with the GL Accounts – Line Items report figures for this period. Detail – breaks down each account balance by transaction type. The report sorts by store location with an optional secondary sort by customer class. Compare the two […]

Funds Flow Statement Example

It is also called a flow of funds statement or a statement of changes in financial position. Statement of Cash Flows Example Below is an example from Amazons 2017 annual report which breaks down the cash flow generated from operations investing and financing activities. The fund flow statement indicates the addition in profits which is […]

Cash Flow From Investing Activities Indirect Method

Cash inflowoutflow from business activities such as sales royalties commissions fines lawsuits supplier and lender invoices and payroll. Keep in Mind KIM Only operating activities are the difference between direct methods and indirect methods. Cash flow statements include three sections. As you can see below investing activities include five different items which total to arrive […]