Month: September 2023

Not For Profit Organisation Accounts

Accounting For Not-For-Profit Organisation Not for Profit Organisation. Not for Profit Organisation CA Foundation Accounts Study Material. Ad Join over 40000 nonprofits just like yours whove made the switch. Not for Profit Organisation You will be able to solve questions based on Calculation of Subscription Income Treatment of Expenses Treatment of Special Fund and Comprehensive. […]

Unaudited Financial Statements Acra

Accounting Information Unaudited Financial Statements ACRA As per the compliance requirements a private limited company must table its audited unaudited financial statements Singapore to the AGM within 6 months of its financial year end. Financial Statements must be drawn up in accordance with the Singapore Law and filed with ACRA within 30 days from AGM […]

Quick Ratio Analysis Example

The quick ratio formula is. For example a business has 5000 in current assets 1000 in inventories and 2500 in current liabilities. A lender would need to compute the quick ratio and ask for the balance sheet from the store owner. Quick Ratio Quick Asset Current Liabilities Here the Quick assets mean the Current assets […]