Month: May 2023

Analysis Of Quick Ratio

Financial ratio analysis is used by two main users namely investors and management. Quick Ratio Cash and Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Accounts Receivables Current Liabilities 2. In essence any quick ratio of 21 or better shows that a company is likely able to pay its short-term obligations. Those are the ones you use for the […]

Ifrs In Accounting Standards

Standards and amendments which are not yet endorsed by EU. Business Combinations IFRS 4. IFRS have been adopted by many countries in a vision to establish a common set. History of IFRS 13 Related Interpretations None. As a source of globally comparable information IFRS Standards are also of vital importance to regulators around the world. […]

Other Assets In Balance Sheet

The balance sheet includes information about a companys assets and liabilities. Example Short-term Investments on balance sheet. Now that the balance sheet is complete here are some simple ratios you can calculate using the information provided on the balance sheet. Other Assets Note 12 Other assets RC 30 Receivable From Appropriations Other Assets Other Assets […]